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Dear 2013,
You taught me a lot. And for that I’m thankful, although you were crappy and grumpy. I’ve decided to focus on 2014 from now on.

I welcomed 2014 whole heartedly with my friends by my side and an empty bottle of wine on the other – undoubtedly a couple of hours later saw me watching Mythbusters in my pants, a habit that I won’t resolve, but dwelling isn’t the answer. The new year, fresh start idea is clichéd but I love it. I have a clean slate and a fresh mind often, with my friends and family as constants i’m excited to do what feels good and eat many many more Doritos.


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Look what I found!

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Well, I just love dotcomgiftshop! Always on the lookout for ways to organise my modest living spaces, I was delighted to find these large storage bags for under a fiver in such a variety of pretty prints. My sister and I have spent most of this Bank Holiday Sunday afternoon (“I have got to unwind!) browsing through the pages and wishing we had more pennies. Anyway, I see these bags as fantastic for a variety of things, and a bit of an upgrade from the massive blue and yellow Ikea bags I seem to find uses for… Anyway, here are the prints i’m after and vague plans for them. How exciting!

At some points, my car has been a hot mess! I’ll be popping all of my essentials in the boot of my car within a fitting mappy travel design. Anything else that enters my car will thus be temporary (people, food wrappers, bottles of Fanta) and can be cleared out regularly.

In our new seaside flat, space is limited and we’re currently using our top living room as a space to keep just about everything extra, including my various bed linens and cushion covers and blankets. It’s our warmest room, as Winter arrives we’ll be wanting to snuggle there as much as possible, meaning we’re actually going to have to declutter it! So, first port of call for this bag will be to contain all of our many blankets and quilts and left open for easy grabbage of warmth and cosiness.

Our clutter room calls for extra hardy storage, so i’ll probably have to cease using my wicker lidded basket for storage of bits and bobs/extra seating instead of for laundry, as is now. It also makes sense to use a soft, handled bag to lug my washing down three flights of steps in a teeny corridor to the washing machine, as opposed to boxing around with my current method.

Officially caught the organising bug, even more so than possible, maybe the virus has mutated and came back stronger?!



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The North Borders

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Today has been mostly grey with showers of rain, without the beautiful cold sunshine I feel we all need a reason to be happy as spring keeps pulling itself away away from us. I bought The North Borders to listen to on my (rather short) drive to work, so it’s not until this evening that i’ve sat down to listen properly. Bonobo never disappoints, after hearing Cirrus exclusively on Radio 6 in January my whole friend group has anticipated this album and, yeah, he has definitely delivered. While I don’t really think it’s his best, it’s definitely gorgeous to listen to if you’re in the right mood. Quite looking forward to a remixes album. Get it, and absorb it in the window seat of a dark but cosy bedroom overlooking a bluey hue view hugging a cup of coffee whilst tapping your feet as I am…

Stand-out Tracks: Cirrus, Ten Tigers, Pieces


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Do Want

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Muji Log Fire Candle

Muji Log Fire Candle
These candles smell absolutely beautiful and are ridiculously good value at £3.50, will definitely be adding a few to my bulk Muji order. Whereas usually I don’t like musky, smoky scents, this will make my often cold-feeling rented room a little warmer. Muji candles have been criticised for their plain packaging, but that’s never going to be a problem for me as I tend to repurpose everything I empty!

Zara ‘Rustic Linen’ Scarf

Zara Scarf
For some reason this scarf reminds me of a tea towel and I love it. Currently i’m planning for a new apartment in July so everything I buy is with that in mind, and scarves for me are the most multi-functional item, as long as they are big and comfortable they can be seen over my bed as a throw, wrapped around my shoulders as a blanket or on the beach as a more comfortable/less wet alternative to my beach towel (which will be used in great moderation throughout the summer). Much cheaper than a throw or blanket.

Whittard of Chelsea Instant Tea

Whittards Instant Tea
Spring is near, snow is on the ground but I still have faith that spring is near, so from now i’ll be keeping a kilner bottle of instant tea in the fridge. These teas are flavoured and blended with black tea, so essentially i’ll always have delicious iced tea to hand. My favourite flavour so far is Pink Lemonade but i’m dying to try Damson Plum. Maybe more of an autumn treat but thanks to Whittards I can enjoy this year round.

Neal’s Yard Beauty Sleep Body Butter

Neal's Yard Body Butter
Moisturising my body is something that always makes me feel I am looking after myself, so for the past few years slathering myself in baby oil after each shower has been my go-to treatment, amongst other Body Shop body butters and an awful lot of Jergens. This is definitely going to be added to my ‘routine’, as the idea that i’ll be calmed as well as beautified is just wonderful.

Zara Home Meru Candelabra

So I haven’t really splurged on home ware items before, as I have never been in the same place for very long, but this beautiful candelabra will be mine along with a royal blue candle and an awful lot of use.


March 3, 2013 0

The Weekly Bear

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